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Locorum is a revolutionary platform for service providers. It rewards your customers while helping your business boost referrals, gets guaranteed reviews, and simplifies client gift giving—all with unparalleled control of acquisition costs.

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What Locorum customers are saying:

Spencer Murray, Mortgage Broker

“I love that I can add all the other businesses I work with as recommendations on my profile. Now I can just send my clients who ask for these types of services to Locorum. I look like the rockstar and it saved me a ton of time.”

Cam Vandersluis, Real Estate Agent

"Locorum is by far the best touch point I have with my clients. In just 6 months it’s helped me grow my network quickly without spending a huge amount on ads."

Matt Pollard, Home Renovations

“Locorum allowed me to be serious about my business. Finding the time and resources can be tough and Locorum provided me with the platform to basically build my own website in 10-minutes. I connected with real customers in just a few weeks.”

Motivate every customer to be an active referrer of your business

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